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Welcome to the Era of the Feminine

A global spiritual awakening that celebrates and cultivates feminine virtues such as emotional intelligence, intuition, flow, empathy, grace and faith. This movement enriches the lives of both men and women as harmony gets restored.

I am Maria. I have walked the path. I am your guide for ways to activate your feminine power to transform your life and use it as a force of good for healing yourself and humanity.


Are you ready to enhance your self-worth, confidence, and well-being?

Are you ready to heal your relationship with money and create financial freedom from your soul led business?

Holy Wealth

Money is a healing modality. Many of us grew up with distorted relationship with money. Even if you have a lot money, there might be a hidden never-enough-poverty mentality or a block to holding on to it and self-sabotage to lose it all. Until you stop the pattern. The $10k a Month Masterclass will help you with this. For conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, vionaries in any industry. Heal your relationship with money as you earn more, receive more and enjoy creating a business around your lifestyle, not the other way around. 

$10K a Month Masterclass

You're set up for success. Get started today.  


Shine Mastermind 

Create Monthly Recurring Revenue


Creating your Love-based legacy

Your soul wants more than a business. Your soul wants you to create a legacy.

It takes inner work, discipline to your soul, execution and leadership to live your legacy. 

There's no better time than now to free your soul and be fully expressed to be all of you. You've got to learn to play by different rules however, let your soul take lead and live with a creative spirit (vs competitive drive)/.

Maria works with you privately at different stages of legacy building. Head to the bottom of my About page and fill out the form to begin the discovery process.

Free Your Soul

You are worthy of anything and all that you desire. And it's time to shine your light.

"I thought entrepreneurship was hard until I realized I didn't know what hard was when I stayed where I didn't belong and too long anymore."  


Soul Play

Welcome to my new podcast show. All about the awakening of the divine feminine, sacred sensuality, sleep, sexual healing, intuition,  and creating your soul-based legacy are just some topics I'll be sharing.

Listen for free on Spotify, Google and Apple.

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