Ready to let go of toxins holding you back?


Ready to reset, feel lighter give your body some love?


We accumulate so much in life.. material things that clutter our awareness, thoughts that weigh us down, beliefs that aren't ours and emotions that are toxic.

They all affect our physical health, well-being and vitality if we don't take the time to release them.. to pause and assess the toxins we're actually putting in our body. 


This is what a detox does, reminds us that healing is a process of removing all those things getting in our way of our body's ability to self-heal and regulate and our mind's ability to be a good vehicle of consciousness, to project the radiance that our soul emits. 


A cleanse assists you to release, reset and regenerate. because you have the opportunity to be a new person every day...  regenerating new cells, new skin, new organs.. you become a new person every year!


The Ayurvedic Herbal Cleanse is not a fad, a totally natural and effective way to lighten the load and get out of your body's way to naturally cleanse.


The detox diet is a nourishing mono diet of kitchari, spices, herbs and seasonal vegetables.


So if you're feeling unexplained fatigue, feeling sluggish including irregularity, itchy skin, weight gain, mental fog, bloating, swollen hands and feet, breast tenderness... THESE ARE SIGNS IT MAY BE TIME FOR A DETOX.

Over the course of 9 days you’ll...

  • Understand why a detox is crucial for whole health and disease prevention
  • Learn foundations of an Ayurvedic Cleanse
  • Planning templates to help you stay organized
  • Strengthen digestion and boost metabolism
  • Tune in to your body's needs
  • Identify accumulated toxins and reducing and preventing further accumulation
  • Learn breathing technique to calm the body and the mind
  • Get supportive lifestyle practices that you can integrate over time to replace depleting habits with supportive ones.
  • Delve into self-inquiry

See Yourself...

  • Feeling more connected to your body and ways it speaks to you
  • Having a stronger digestive fire and immune health
  • Letting go of emotional wounds
  • Disrupting old patterns
  • Breaking free from addictions (caffeine, alcohol and wine, sugars, sweets and salt)
  • Aligning with the seasons
  • Having sound sleep
  • Without aches and pains
  • Feeling more confident and having a clear mind
  • Having Less Colds
 This self-directed detox 

Receive The Manual and Immune Boost Guide


How it’s Broken Down...

  • This is a self-directed home detox
  • Receive the Manual and start the pre-cleanse ritual of shopping for supplies, creating space 
  • Going inward is encouraged as a Silent Detox Retreat. 

What recent cleansers say.. 

"I participated in Maria's program and truly found glowing results! My dry itchy skin transformed to smooth, soft skin. I went from an inflammed, bloated 133 lbs. to 128 lbs. on the last day and have since trended downward to my ideal size. My cravings for sweets and junk  were eliminated. I never felt hungry, always satiated. I wake easily feeling rested and positive! I'm sure there's is more to rave about. Thank you Maria for your guidance!"

Donna Blodgett Lita, Austin TX


"Maria, the detox sessions transformed me- changing my eating habits & the correct foods selection for my Pita Dosha to bring it to balance.

My life is becoming more energetic & vital. Thanks ❤️"

 Louis Hernandez, Goleta, CA


"The Ayurveda cleanse was simple and nurturing for my body. Gentle yet broke me out of habits I never thought possible. Maria provided a package of herbs and teas to help detox and regulate my body. In the end I was 14 lbs lighter and felt strong. I am so thankful for Maria and her wise intuition.  

Jalima Morales, Colorado


"You put a lot of love, generosity and energy into our cleanse program and I really appreciated your dedication to our success...whenever I wear my love button I will think of you!" 

Suzanne Winston, Santa Barbara, CA

Maria Carbonell is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Soul Life Coach. She is passionate about helping women all over the world re-discover who they are and why they're here. She is also an aromatherapist, herbalist, energy worker and author of The Art of Retreat Guidebook - coming home to yourself through solitude. 

Maria has guided hundreds of women through cleanse workshops and detoxification therapies through her Private and Customized Rasayana Retreats that are mind, body and soul nourishing for women going through life transitions.