Do you feel that by skipping out on sleep you are missing out on getting things done? 

 Are you finding yourself saying "I'm so tired" ALOT?

Do you remember the last time you woke up feeling genuinely revitalized ready to embrace the day?

 What if the secret to your best life lies in the quality of your sleep?

 Are you aware of how your sleep quality is directly affecting your daily energy, mood, mental clarity and your body's ability to heal (or not)?

 How would transforming your sleep quality transform your life?

 Have you considered that your evening routine could be the key to unlocking a morning full of possibilities? 

Is not getting quality sleep costing you in other areas of your life? 

 Do you want to unlock the secrets to manifesting and solving problems while you sleep?

 Or do you simply feel there is more room for improvement in your relationship with sleep? 

Then you ready to.. 

  • wake up feeling revitalized and ready to embrace the day
  • have increased daily energy
  • improve emotional and physical well-being
  • stop self-sabotage patterns and love up on yourself through honoring your body's need for sleep and rest 
  • consciously use sleep as a super power tool 

If you answered YES, then this Sleep Sanctuary is for you

Discover the D.R.E.A.M. Method to Unlock the Power of Sleep and Transform Your Life


Through my D.R.E.A.M Method I take you on a journey to using the power of sleep and the rituals before bedtime to transform your life. 

Whether you're in to learn and develop better habits, would like to make some life changes, heal physical pain, heal emotionally, want more energy and clarity about your life or learn ways to manifest while you sleep, this Method is flexible for you to start where you are. 

Why the Sleep Sanctuary Now? 

We spend one-third of our life sleeping. It's one of the pillars of good health. Yet sleep deprivation is a silent epidemic worth paying attention to. 


Unlock the Secrets to Sleep

Sleep is the natural doorway into the subconscious. The conscious two-thirds is measured by the attention we give our sleep. The Sleep Sanctuary is for those who would also like to explore this underutilized power and see it work in their lives through solving problems and consciously manifesting.



Field of dream time Poppies


During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health.


Sleep is the best meditation


Sleep Sanctuary Membership gives you the ongoing support guided by Maria to release old habits and over time install new habits that become embodied rituals to support quality, healing, revitalizing sleep for mental health and clarity and restore physical health and harmony within. 

It combines Ayurvedic wisdom, holistic routines, rituals, remedies to help you synch up with nature's cycles of sleep and rest. 

✔️ Twice monthly LIVE Coaching
✔️ Meditations and Guided Visualizations to soften the mind and body and put you in the right mindset before you drift off 
✔️ You will also get monthly Guest Sleep Experts to support your sleep success year 
✔️ Diet, herbal remedies, lifestyle tips etc..
✔️Assessments, Sleep Types, creating a bedroom sanctuary checklist.. so much more as we get this brand new membership started! 
 ✔️ BONUS TRAININGS with Special guests

$555/one year

Become the first Sleep Members this year!

save $129 with pay in full discount 


$57/each month

Become the first Sleep Members this year!

convenient monthly payment


Maria Carbonell

Maria has a heart to serve the collective consciousness rising. She has been in the wellness industry since 2006 and 2010 as an Ayurvedic Specialist and Educator. 

She is the former owner of Sama Ayurveda Spa & Healing, a certified green spa in Santa Barbara. She is an Ayurvedic Specialist, certified in Aroma Therapeutics, Reiki 2, Breathework Practitioner from Loka Yoga. 

She has seen the longevity benefits to quality consistent sleep for her clients and right now with mental health needing more attention, sleep habits and sleep, is the lifestyle medicine she knows anyone, no matter how stressful their life seems right now, can help others return to the basics, and enjoy the nourishing benefits to the nervous system, brain function, vitality and improving quality of life. Beyond that, is the untapped power of a whole new world in sleep she will uncover inside to tune more into your intuition and get you on the life path meant for you. 

Maria teaches a Sexual Vitality and Sleep Class at Lake Austin Spa & Resort. She has healed her body, brain fog, and restored her life after extreme life challenges and upheavals. She has restored her circadian rhythm through sleep, manifested opportunities and enlivened her creative spirit through a consistent bed time routine, rituals and herbals remedies and elixirs she is excited to share with you.