Pleasure is your practice to awaken to your wholeness and re-discover yourself through your 5 senses.


Are you ready to stop postponing pleasure for when____ ?

Are you ready to discover your desires through thre power of pleasure?  

Are you ready to stop rushing through life and bring relaxation, mindfulness and pleasure healing rituals into your daily routine?  



Are you just ready to simply feel good being naturally who you are, feminine and powerful in your daily grace?





"Remember only the beautiful things that you have felt and seen and experienced. If your five senses behold only the good, then your mind will be a garden of blossoming soul qualities." - Paramahansa Yogananda

You may feel exhausted pushing and doing from a have-to-get-it done at all costs attitude. You're so tired from that to do list, that your self-care gets put aside.


Worst, your desires begin to elude you and you get further away from who you are. 


But you know you're in there. 

In there, is your gifts of the feminine, where your power is and owning the truth of who you are.

And the healing is you're starting to remove things from your life that have no value to your happiness, healing and fulfillment.

So you can grow into who you truly are. 

It's about the power of pleasure in re-discovering yourself again. 

Healing and pleasure is about energy.

I've been doing the healing work with pleasure in my life and the clients I've worked with for over 10 years. What I realized is we are re-learning what it is to be feminine and to allow pleasure to be a healing force in our life.

I healed and continue to heal through pleasure, when I lose my way, I go back to pleasure. Because that's how I lost my way.


Of the 5 senses smell is the one with the best memory.


Our 5-senses are gateways to incredible power within us if we know how to use them to create the life we want versus letting them control us.

Because your senses can trick you unless you know how to use them as a tool. To know where and how you are dulling them causing dullness in our life, in the goals we make for ourselves, which look like everyone else's, they shouldn't. 

It could also be used to self-sabotage yourself, without you even being aware, until you are. 


" Controlling the breath, thus calming the nerves is a prerequisite to controlling the mind and body" - Swami  Rama


If you are ready to 

  • learn to use your 5 senses to get to your soul's goals and desires  
  • Become who you truly are
  • realign to your feminine frequency and sensual power
  • De-stress your body & mind
  • boost your mood, energy and libido 
  • heal your heart and the pain of the past
  • fall in love with yourself again



" The quieter you become, the more you can hear." - Ram Dass 

Say Yes to Pleasure

  • it's healthy to pleasure yourself 

  • pleasure is the most healing thing you can give to yourself

  • pleasure is your power source

  • sometimes you've got to lose your mind to come to your senses

  • handling the not so pleasurable times and people in your life 

  • Move through the 5 senses journey: eat beautiful foods, healing aromas, aphrodisiacs & enhancing sensual pleasure, and more.
  • Daily sensory exercises to bring you renewal every day
  • Pleasure healing rituals for self-nurturing.  



Sometimes pleasure is the prescription.

Maria Carbonell

Be led by a force of feminine nature who has gone through the trials of fire of self-love, doubt and self betrayal.

With over 13 years as an entrepreneur on a healing journey herself, Maria's life mission is empowering women to awaken the divine feminine within, be fierce in slaying the untruths and be true to herself no matter what. She wants to remind the good-hearted souls you can be sweet, sensual, fierce and feminine.  

As a practitioner of Ayurveda and former Ayurveda Spa & Healing Studio owner and therapist spiritual life coach, Maria has worked with women in transition from relationships, jobs, moving to healing from abusive relationships and work places. Her courses are a culmination of the tools she has been trained in.. women's health, energy healing, sound and plant medicine, beauty, breathe and meditation.