Create your own  spa experience in your home that inspires a calm and clear mind


Create self-loving rituals around aromatic plants, flowers and herbs

  • learn 3 minute aromatic skincare, breathe practice and mind calming rituals to beautifully begin your day
  • give yourself a simple hair oil treatment that softens your hair and loosens stiff neck
  • learn beauty secrets of Ayurveda, skincare rituals and secrets to ageless beauty
  • encourages you to pause and spend quality time with yourself


Maintain good mental and physical health

  • improve circulation, empower your own health by listening and honoring your body's needs  
  • your tranquil home spa promotes mental relaxation and boosts your mood (most of the stress these days come from mental exhaustion)
  • nourish the skin, improve circulation, cell regeneration, immune health, and calm nervous system


Recharge, revitalize & refocus every single day

  • focus your thoughts and efforts to what is truly important
  • purify your mind with aromatics, breathe practices and stillness


Your tranquil, sensual space is where you can find yourself again and again.



Inside the Holistic Home Spa 


Encouraging ways to invite plants, beauty and skincare rituals as a natural part of your day; and turn daily routines into sacred rituals. 

It's so easy to forget about your own self-care, so inside home spa I show you simple ways to create your own tranquil beauty experience with botanicals, aromatherapy, and Ayurvedic self-treatments, and more beauty!


Create a blissful spa experience at home!



timeless beauty as nature intended

Only $57


Plus get the divine playlist clients always asked me about so I put it together for you!

Purchase now and lock in your rate as this portal grows this year with purification rituals, spa rituals and to move through these times with calm, grace and confidence. Not only do you lock in this rate, you receive all future add-ons, improvements and updates. 

Receive free access to future seasonal workshops and beauty member discounts on seasonal retreats online and in-person. I look forward to seeing you inside, beautiful.


Inside, DIY:

  • Floral Milky Foot Baths¬†
  • Botanical Steam Facial
  • Purifying Salt Scrub¬†
  • Creating your Ayurvedic home spa
  • Ayurvedic beauty¬†& skincare¬†¬†
  • Herbs to bring back the shine in the hair
  • Botanicals and head massage therapy to slow down premature greying and hair loss
  • Creating your beauty apothecary¬†¬†
  • Face massage to give yourself a natural face lift, improve skin tone & elasticity, slow down premature wrinkling and¬†boost immunity
Yes Please!

‚ÄúHappiness is the best beauty cream‚Ä̬†

Maria Carbonell

Maria is the former owner and therapist of Sama Ayurveda Spa & Healing Studio in Santa Barbara, CA, known for her Ayurvedic Healing Facials & Marma Face Rejuvenation Ritual. What you get here inside the beauty portal is her passion to share her journey, love and appreciation of beauty, plants and the tranquility of what a spa experience brings to the spirit, into your home. 


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