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About me

Hi, I’m Maria! I help you be fully all of you and shine bright for the legacy of love you're meant to create through your business.

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My entrepreneurship journey has been my healing path. At the very heart of my soul led path to feeling worthy of what I always knew inside me to bring to life, release what isn't true and to receive all the goodness that comes with being guided by soul. 

Plants and ancestors have been my biggest allies. They want so much to speak to us so that we may all thrive and blossom to our full potential.

While I didn't know it at the time, I left my 9-5 job at the Girl Scouts to follow my soul nudges and happened upon creating and opening an online store in 2006 in less than 2 weeks. I became a social entrepreneur with a cause marketing strategy with soul.

I got lit by body butter. That's how it all started. And when the soul knows you just execute fast. Nothing made sense. But I went for it any way. 

I went on to open an Ayurvedic Spa & Healing Studio and became known for my Ayurvedic Healing Facials & Marma Facial Rejuvenation. 

Soul leads me every step. This relationship is the inner game of entrepreneurship if you desire an enduring legacy. 

I'm a writer, empath, seed saver, mystic gardener, spiritual mentor and teacher, intuitive business coach for online feminine entrepreneurs on the rise and leading the way for the divine feminine to heal our own lives and the world. I believe awake and activate women are the medicine to bring compassion, love, truth and beauty now. 

Leaving your legacy of love through your business will be your greatest journey to receiving all the abundance your business will bring in all areas of you life.