Are you ready to fall in love with yourself again and this time be that little EXTRA that you held back?


Are you ready to

To feel empowered 
To bounce back stronger 
To restore your self-esteem and sense of self-worth
To boost your energy, mood and libido for life
To get focused and mentally strong
To connect with your sensual feminine, your ultimate power for greater good

Then you're in the right place. 


Love feels good. 

It's what it feels like when you come home to your true self. In Self-Love Society you get to know your body as an energy of love, a feminine frequency that is sensual, strong and a  spiritual force for good. 

It's an inner shift especially if you have been finding love and acceptance outside of yourself.

Haven't we all at some point.   

Here you'll get self-care, mindset, and practices to re-focus your energy and your life to what's truly important for your happiness, fulfillment and well-being.

We weren't taught this level of self-compassion and a fierce commitment to ourselves. It's what we need most to stop the self-sabotage, burnout and happiness that can only come from within.


If you're ready to 

  • thrive after loss, the pain of the past and on the other side of trauma and ready to thrive
  • make radical self-care a priority
  • realign to your feminine power 
  • mentally condition and train your mind back to what matters
  • heal your heart
  • create habits around the new person you are


A woman tuned in to her body, mind and soul will elevate and lead others. THAT IS SEXY.


What you getĀ 

  • Lifetime access to theĀ Love Heals portalĀ 
  • Self-Love Sanctuary of 30 day plans to facilitate your physical, mental and spiritual healing after a traumatic experience
  • Peace and Calm Meditations you can access any timeĀ 
  • Aphrodisiacs to get your juicy and libido going on again (because exhaustion is not sexy)
  • What it means to heal
  • The feminine approach to healing
  • Realizing your power
  • Self-Loving Rituals
  • Recipes
  • Healed by PleasureĀ 



Affirm: I Am Worthy as I Am.


I was born worthy. I am enough just as I am.Ā 


I am worthy of respect and self-love.


Every day, in every way, I am becoming better and stronger.

Maria Carbonell

Be led by a force of feminine nature who has gone through the trials of fire of self-love, doubt and self betrayal.

With over 13 years as an entrepreneur on a healing journey herself, Maria's life mission is empowering women to awaken the divine feminine within, be fierce in slaying the untruths and be true to herself no matter what. She wants to remind the good-hearted souls you can be sweet, sensual, fierce and feminine.  

As a practitioner of Ayurveda and former Ayurveda Spa & Healing Studio owner and therapist spiritual life coach, Maria has worked with women in transition from relationships, jobs, moving to healing from abusive relationships and work places. This membership is a culmination of the tools she has been trained in.. women's health, energy healing, sound and plant medicine, beauty, breathe and meditation.