Ayurvedic Self-Massage

(We are in the process of making updates to the page. Thank you for your patience. Please note this is the portal access to tutorial and no longer shipping out boxes. Resources are available inside where to purchase quality oils for the purpose of Abhyanga Self-Massage. This is a one-time purchase with Lifetime Access, along with updates, for a regular practice that will support your changing body.)

A monthly herbal oil subscription box for highly sensitive people, empaths, and recovering overdoers and people pleasers. Does this sound like you? You work hard making sure everyone is good around you, that everyone is taken care of but then you forgot to refuel in a way that’s nurturing to your mind, body and spirit. A self-oil massage is the practice to remember the love you are, your highest octane fuel. 

You’re wired a little different. Your sensitive nature means you have a natural compassion for others, you’re highly intuitive and as an empath you pick up other people’s energies and give, give, give to the point of exhuastion. An oil massage is a way to explore what healthy boundaries mean for you, nurture your delicate nervous system, purify and rejuvenate your skin and give you energetic protection so you feel grounded and strong. 

Is this only for HSP and empaths? Not at all. It is for you if you want to re-build your health, empower yourself with habits that build health than deplete, get back to a self loving practice with self massage or have a beauty practice that will improve skin tone, elasticity and suppleness as you naturally age. 

Self-oil massage is an ancient and traditional practice in Ayurvedic Medicine called Abhyanga. This simple box is intended to be just that.. simple. And let the oils and intimacy with yourself be the healing balm to reveal your most radiant self in the process. It has for me. This is why I created this subscription, to prevent overwhelm as you start this practice or reacquaint yourself with it again. With so much distraction, it’s easy to skip this ritual practice and let the benefits slip. 

I don’t want this to be another ‘thing’ to do. Stay the course, let it be simple, let it be a loving time to connect with yourself and let it bring pleasure back in to your life. It’s known that with regular abhyanga practice, problems simply dissolve. 


Helping prevent burnout and exhaustion and learning to live a radiant life, one healing touch at a time.

It’s time to bring the loving you give so much to others, back to yourself.


Massage in Box is a monthly medicated oil delivered to your door and a companion tutorial video each month to inspire your devotional self-care practice of a warm oil massage. BUT it’s more than a massage and oil, it’s a self-love ritual; a way to connect with your body and the beautiful way it changes through the seasons of life. 

We are about: 

We care deeply and want to continue so in a healthy way

We desire to thrive in our life, relationships, and our passionate purpose

We live in harmony with nature & know their medicinal powers

We know our body’s power to heal itself 

We know massage releases a cocktail of healing hormones

“Love is oily, soft, and gentle.”
– Dr. Vasant Lad



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Abhyaṅga should be  daily, it wards off old age, exertion and aggravation of Vata; bestows good vision, nourishment to the body, good sleep and good quality skin. 

– from the Ashtanga Hridaya, ancient text on Ayurvedic medicine

Anointing the body imparts a glossy softness to the skin, improves color and strength and gives nourishment to the tissues of the body.

– from the Sushruta Samhita, ancient text on Ayurvedic medicine

Benefits of Self-Oil Massage

  • Stimulates lymphatic system- life has a healthy flow, hormones are balanced and immunity is strong
  • Strengthens the nervous system- you feel grounded, centered, strong and courageous
  • Improves skin tone, texture and elasticity
  • Gives you flexibility of the muscles, tissues and joints 
  • Supports you in connecting with your spiritual self and you feel more appreciation and attuned to your body.

Benefits of Medicated Oil Subscription…

  • Helps with joint pain or weakness; builds tissue strength which gives you endurance
  • Receive the plant’s intelligence to work on a cellular level
  • Herbal Oils are specially prepared for the seasons
  • You will have direct experience of the subtle effects of oils through the year and learn their health giving benefits
  • You don’t have to think about which oils to buy, where to buy them and when you will have time to buy them
  • You learn incrementally how to develop this practice of self love massage, so you’re not overwhelmed and give up
  • You will receive tips on the practice, guidance on how to personalize your oil for you constitution, if necessary
  • Oils and herbs are organic, plant-based and infused with care and love
"Every month I look forward to receiving my Massage in a Box. First is the fun surprise or little extra that was included in the box to introduce me to other practices. Second, it was always exciting to see how my body and mind responded to the new oil. Third, the videos showed me new ways to pamper myself on a regular basis. I could feel love from Maria even through the videos! Anyone who needs some extra love in their life must try self massage practice! And it's even better with guidance from Maria."
- Christina Moon


Maria’s Story

* please note.. what started as a subscription is discontinued due to the labor intensive nature or infusion on a regular basis in large batches and my teaching keeping my days full.  However, check back regularly as time to time I will infuse oils and make them available. If you are a member of Flourish you receive notice first. Thank you for visiting. Learn more www.alignedtolove.com/flourish


This subscription is 13 years in the making. I am a devotee of oil and the practice of abhyanga since it has been life changing for me. I wanted to share what it has done for me. The younger you start this practice, the more you will feel its positive effects. But it’s never too late.

After a period in my life of extreme stress and instability, I suffered quietly from exhaustion and fibromyalgia. I found comfort in abhyanga. 

My body hurt to touch. I was a bundle of nerves. I found that warm oil on my skin soothed me. I repeatedly did this. I started to feel stronger. I started to feel alive again. I started to learn to really care for myself again and listen to my body. I learned so much from this intimate time with myself. I learned my body is different, my nervous system is wired differently. I learned how to care for my constitution. 

My body started to inform me of the lack of congruency in my life, my soul’s desire and the life I was living was not the true me I was shriveling back from. I stepped into more of my role as a healer and began mangaging my energy in much better ways through living Ayurveda.

The look of my skin improved. Like it bounced back, had life again. Life began flowing again. Plants came to my dreams like my informants and I started coming into congruency with my self. Today, I feel strong, more youthful than ever. It’s my natural desire to share the virtues of Ayurvedic Healing, Abhyanga, Energy & Plants as the medicine of our time; to share the message of our body’s ability to heal on its own and create a more harmonious world with all of nature. Plants give us life. 

Thank you for your support in natural healing and having faith in all the beauty plants bring to help us be better human beings. Humanity is healing. This is more than a massage in a box

Maria Carbonell, vata-kapha

Ayurveda & Spirituality, Soul Life Mentor, spiritual herbalist,  energy healer, aromatherapist, gardener, intuitive healer, empath, potion maker, writer, teacher. 

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