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Expanding Your Platform to Speak on Broader Issues

Season #2

Embrace Your Multifaceted Nature as a Digital Fempreneur: Expand Your Platform to Speak on Broader Issues

Welcome to another episode of SoulPLAY. Today we’re diving into the topic of the multifaceted digital fempreneur. We’ll explore how expanding your platform to speak on broader issues can not only enhance your impact but also bring more depth and authenticity to your brand. 

As creative feminine entrepreneurs rise, you’ll see that we’re breaking out of the norm of how business used to be that we were taught to focus on one topic, called niche. However it’s not worked totally for femprenuers.. well because we do things a little different. 

Many of us start with a specific niche or topic that we’re passionate about. But as we grow and evolve, so do our interests and the issues we care about. Today, we’re discussing the beauty and power of expanding our platforms to address a wider range of topics, and how this can resonate more deeply with our audience and amplify our influence.

I hope you enjoy! 

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