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Beautiful Soul,

  • Are your ready to change the course of direction in your life, take back your power and create your own version of success, on your own terms?
  • Do you desire to create financial abundance, heal on deeper levels than ever and impact other people’s lives?
  • Do you want effective, proven success and strategies utilized by thousands globally that you can use in any business, industry or level you are at?

Then delve in deeper.. this is pure gold, from the #1 manifestation teacher known globally. 

You get the step by step energetic framework you need to active your soul's purpose and open to abundance just ready for you to receive allowing you to also create the ripple effect of wealth by giving you the rights to sell this product if you so choose. 

Yes that's right you have distribution rights to sell this course as a product and 10X+ your income. 

We know these times are tough economically, so when I heard my mentor teacher, Regan Hillyer, was offering the course, with distribution rights, I took and changed my life I couldn't help but use this to elevate other women, and create a bundle offer that includes my own systems as a digital entrepreneur and prosperity conscious coach empowering women globally. This work is healing. 


Get Ready

Unlock your wealth abundance, build a sustainable income in the digital age as a digital entrepreneur or marketer

What you'll get:

  • $10k a Month Digital Course Workshop
  • $10k a Month Inner Alignment Workbook 
  • Access to Thriving Community


The $10K A Month Masterclass will help you unlock the strategies and techniques to achieve $10K a month. This intensive training focuses on actionable steps to reach your financial goals.

Dive in to the secrets of Money Magnetism & Manifestation. 

In this course, Regan will teach you how to generate over $10k a month from the inside-out all the internal strategies needed and you can do this in any industry. You will get the rights to resell this product which means you can take this powerful workshop and you can go sell it and keep 100% of the money. This is her gift to humanity to create a ripple effect of new wealthy women who have a heart to serve and uplift humanity through their soul led leadership.

I gift you a beautiful workbook to solidify your teachings and activations.  

You can use this method over and over when you're ready for an expansion in your monthly income.


BONUS COURSE #1: ($222 Value)


  • Calling in your Big Picture Vision
  • Expanding Your Capacity to Receive
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Calling in the Highest Version of You
  • Speeding Up the Process to Your Physical Reality
  • Your Next Steps



Regan Hillyer International - A Multi Seven-figure Powerful Brand

Regan Truly Believes That Success In Any Area Of Life, including Business, Starts With Mastering Your Unconscious Mind.


BONUS #3: EMAIL Campaign Template




Plus, Access to SHINE Mastermind Academy at a discounted rate so you get the LIVE coaching and accountability. GOLD.

We together can create a bigger ripple out there in the world so if you want to be part of this and want access and dive into this powerful workshop for yourself, don't wait another day. 

Once you purchase, you'll get an email from me on instructions and details out to you around how you can plug into the community and access your bonuses.

Watch for your email from Maria Carbonell, Aligned to Love, that's me. 

Let's do this! 


Hi, I'm Maria Carbonell, I'm an old soul with a playful spirit. I'm a spiritual teacher, healer, creative digital entrepreneur empowering women to remember her innate ability to heal and transform the pain of the past into a life of meaning, purpose and financial liberation www.alignedtolove.com


What People Are Saying:

I did this $10k course two days ago. The emails started flowing the second I finished this course. My estimated earnings for October have now drastically changed. Ne clients, old clients paying early, new jobs for existing clients- all of it adding up to a $10k month. Within two days of this course?! I know that’s what I signed up for, but I am completely floored.


You have helped me reach my $10,000 a month just recently! It IS magic, and I can relate to you when you say it feels like no surprise. Thank you for sharing your gift and I’m obsessed with learning from you. Much gratitude and love for you, thank you thank you thank you.