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Keeping a Humble Heart as an Online Feminine Entrepreneur

Season #2

Welcome to this episode of “Keeping a Humble Heart as an Online Feminine Entrepreneur".

This is something I struggled with but lately and know I am not alone so I recorded this as you continue to rise and deepen more into your sacred purpose work and reach your goals. You get to a point in the online space where you can walk in humility being yourself more and not diminish your value being humble rather it is elevated because of it. The result is learning to share your message in a powerful, confident way.

In this episode, learn 9 ways how you might approach humble and humility as a digital entrepreneur on the rise.

Plus one more I wanted to add that is not in this recording as an after thought. 

... that is, make mistakes and fail fast as a powerful business coach once told me!  It humanizes you and takes the pressure off. You'll learn and grow and there's nothing more humble than bouncing back after a failure. As they say rockets launch in a series of failures, course correcting along the way!