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Taking a Stand

Season #2

Every entrepreneur takes a stand for something. And every conscious entrepreneur takes a stand for a deep meaning purpose that is aligned with their values. In this episode you'll learn the 4 steps tp effectively take a stand on issues that matter to you and integrate them into your empire building journey.

Make your stand juicy, that it could even cause controversy. I used to tell people they have the power to heal, and not a lot of people believed me. I stood by it and still do.

I remember in my early 20's I stood by a woman's choice when it came to her body when I was marching on the Mall in Washington, DC "no backalleys" sign. .. to even think a woman had to endure that in her lowest point in life just didn't seem right. I didn't go through this myself but it's always for me about bringing rightness to the wrong. Any suffering of someone in a vulnerable position woke me. 

I do it more quietly now and you'll find out what my stand was in this episode. I created it over 15 years ago and how timeless it is as I change and evolve as a feminine soul led entrepreneur creating a movement.

People are looking at fresh ways and leadership. Let your freak flag fly and be the voice in their heads every single day. People need to hear it's you who could help them, you to build trust, they resonate with you even in your imperfectness and they want to be in your energy.

Thanks for listening and let me know what you think. Add a review, comment. It helps the movement I am creating for rising conscious feminine entrepreneurs claiming their abundance in all areas of their life.

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