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Living Fearlessly with Gil Allen (replay)

Season #1

I met Gil Allen in Ojai at a spiritual leadership retreat and this was a fun interview, well the out takes had us laughing during a subject matter that is a very real and serious one... and I guess whatever fear I had lingering, left.. it is ironic because when I set out to do these interviews with 21 spiritual luminaries I was so nervous. I was nervous to ask, to have a chance at being rejected well that was part of this experience and I was met with such grace. I dug this up and a few more that are timeless, that I will add. I hope you enjoy them.. it was great to resurrect them as I gear up for new podcast episodes I am recording. 


Gil Alan is an internationally recognized Spiritual Luminary, Speaker, and Writer who has guided thousands of people including, Fortune 500 CEO’S and Hollywood Royalty through a unique and powerful process of self-discovery and healing. Through his International Workshops, Gil empowers people all over the world to become their own Source of Guidance by teaching them how to connect directly to their Spirit Guides and access their own unique Inner Guidance. Together in partnership with your Spirit Guides, Gil will take you on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing where you will uncover the secrets that have been locked away in your unconscious mind… secrets that will ultimately reveal the truth of your own existence and push the doors of your perception wide open!