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Episode #9 Leveraging Joy to generate energy, ideas and revenue

Season #1

Hello and welcome back to this episode on leveraging joy to generate energy, ideas and income. I'm always seeing where I can have more ease and flow in my work and fine tune areas of what I'm doing. Which it all comes down to brightening my energy.

That's the REAL work.

Managing my energy so that my business also gets that energy and vitality.  Without it, it's lackluster and dull, boring and that's when I do major assessment with why what I'm doing is not bringing me joy. It might be time to course correct or just use joy more strategically in my work. 

As a creative entrepreneur energy could go into all kinds of projects, ideas and launches. 

We often times get hard on ourselves that something we enjoy isn't bringing in the income we desired then we stop doing it. But what if we still did that thing that gave us joy and brought that joyful energy into generating ideas and income?! Because the alternative energy is deflating to our creative spirit. 

Creative entrepreneurship requires us to see and do things differently. 

What I learned is that not all your income streams don't have to generate a sustainable income. The key is streams of income within your business and outside. 

If you look at your business as a lifestyle, which I assume you are already at this place or desiring to create this for yourself, then what look at everything you're doing as multiples streams of energy.

Because money is energy just like JOY. 

In this podcast I shared how I sold $3 my seedlings first as porch pick ups on my front doorstep during covid then at the farmers markets the following year.

It gave me joy. 

That joy spilled into other areas of my business through generating ideas for courses and offerings that created revenue. I am always filling up on joy first then harnessing the energy into other aspects of my business.

Eventually you'll have multiple streams of revenue and if one dips, then the others are still flowing. This is such a general talk on this but the point is harness the energy of joy and get used to doing things quick on the spot even as the energy is flowing. 

Because as entrepreneurs there will be dips in energy, confidence, and then rises. Capture those moments. 

When I have great energy after a great conversation for example I get off the phone and go do something with that energy. I don't let it go to waste. I grab my phone create a podcast episode, write an email, capture the ideas, implement on an idea or blend tea. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it is moving me forward. It has a forward momentum quality to it as well as a freeing quality, like an exhale.

Which that's what it feels like, because your soul is expressing itself and you're allowing a vehicle for that expression of energy. You can leverage joy in any area of your life not just your business. 

Do you know who does this really well? PLANTS and flowers!

They leverage the nutrients, the sun, the uplifting comments they get from us-- they're inspired to bloom and shine.. and in fall winter they go to hibernation to reserve their energy for the blossoms of Spring. 

LOVE it! You are doing awesome. Thank you for listening to this episode. 

Please let me know what you got from it, or insights, share and subscribe so you never ever miss an episode! 


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