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Episode #8 The Divine Mind: Taking Control of Your Life by Way of Your Thoughts

Season #1

Hey beautiful we're almost, not quite but almost mid-year. How's it going for you so far? 

So the whole world is in a shift of major sorts and in each of our personal lives. It's catapulting us to change, to grow, to live our divine destiny-- our soul's purpose. This energy is available but nothing is ever required however if you want transformation, there's work to be done with our divine mind, the light of our soul. Because change will happen whether we like it or not, transformation is up to us. 

So, in this podcast it's shedding a light on the thoughts we think allowing our throughs help us take back control of our life. Because our thoughts have created the current picture of our life.

I've installed a personal bouncer watching the thoughts that come in (haha can you picture that?!). It's been quite a year of big changes for me so I have to be on top of my thoughts to recommit to the big dreams I have. 

Ironically, as your thoughts brighten because they are projecting the radiance of your soul, then you brighten. And there might be people around your life that might not be happy with that, the bright outlook kind of person you've become and the happiness you radiate. This is creating polarity and it's a good thing. You get to see who really gets to be in your life because they want the best for you. This might be the hardest part of your spiritual journey, having to let go of what is comfortable but as you grow and evolve and people around you do not, they will project their soul's lack of radiance and will be unhappy for you; they are in the competitive life and you've tapped into a creative source of light, life and limitless love.

Enjoy this Episode. I seem to be all over the place but receive what you will, it's good stuff! All from soul.

Love Above All-- Maria

I'm so eager to bring more of the shine out from so many entrepreneurs creating their love-based legacy, making a lifestyle from it and achieving the financial goals you set. 


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