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Episode #7 Is it a Soul YES?!

Season #1

The power of Soul YES! 

The big question is, do you want it, really want it? You will know if it is a Soul YES or Soul NO by the energy or lack thereof behind it. It is amazing how when you make that little subtle shift of SOUL YES things seem to come on your path to support what you want. Sure, there might be challenges and even big ones to get it or to your goal but it's nothing you can't move through when it's a Soul YES. 

You'll want to. It's like you put that stake in the ground and claimed it. 

So this show is about staking your claim. Going on all in. Putting everything you've got into it. Not dabble, but everything. In total alignment and integrity. Making adjustments along the way not needing things to be perfect because you know doing it this way is divine perfection.

Listen to the show especially if you've been feeling stuck about something. 




Hi, I'm Maria Carbonell, I work with women and entrepreneurs on the rise, meaning they are coming out of hiding, in transition in their lives, currently in an image making shift, wanting to release what's inside of her and unpack her brilliant gifts from soul. She wants to feel free, expansive and be all her.

I currently live in Austin, Tx and grow medicinal herbs, edible and aromatic flowers, moringa trees. I grow beauty and save seeds. I've been image shifting over the years, by the way it's never ending so I said I better sink it to it now because my soul has been relentless to get me to have tea and connect with what she wants from us. I'm all on board. Because I was a hot mess with no boundaries, and decided my energy an empath and highly intuitive as is best served where it is appreciated. 

I can't wait to get to know you. I love hearing from you so reach out if something calls at you or have show suggestions. Please leave a review it means a lot to know my words are resonating and unlocking things inside for you. That's how it happens sometimes, you could hear something a million times then just one day it unlocks. And the flood gates open. That's my wish as you walk through your day, you get the keys to your inner world and you see how magical and power you truly are. 


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