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When Your Soul is Coming Alive

Jun 01, 2024
When you discover why you’re here you’ll probably ignore it, because it sounds so odd and off from what you’ve been trained to do. It’ll be oddly comforting though. It’ll feel fleeting like something you cannot grasp but wish you can. You do want to.
Then you go on with life as usual, it’s comfortable, predictable. You seem to get led to the place it feels uncomfortable again, you start to hear whispers, nudges, that thing that won’t go away.
Your body will start telling you  things. You brush it off as I need to eat better, exercise more, and meditate more. That’s what you were programmed to think.
But that comes after you wake up to your soul.
Repeat a dozen or more times until things fall apart. Even your body.
Then you surrender, start to see the synchronicities, get a taste for the ease and guidance you’ve all along been given but now you’re open to paying attention. Because you surrendered and humbled that you realize you don’t know it all and you’re not here to do it in your own.
That there is a bigger plan going on here.
You feel a sense of guilt because on the looks of it should be happy, based on what society says about what a rich and fulfilling life should look like but how can I not be… you ask yourself.
You're grateful but something still feels off.
You start to take bigger risks, but only from the outside it looks like risks.
You see it as needing to breath.
Whether it's something you've long wanted to, become, explore or answer the call.. but just couldn't see how it would pan out.. 
It’s scary. 
But you take one step at a time in faith because you start to glimpse at the divine order of things. Doesn’t make it easier. But you’re programming yourself with each step you’re guided to.
You’re healing. You’re breathing.
When you hear your divine calling, you cannot not go back fully to how things were before they fell apart.
You go deep and find a way, do holy listening, you see you body as holy, things become holy, the way becomes holy. In your humbleness you see the clarity as you remove the things and people that clouded your vision to see the truth.
You’re now seeing from a new eye and higher mind.
And you’re learning the language of your soul.
This is the place you get soul lit, you are coming alive. 
It’s still a fragile time. You’re committed to staying the course.
Once your calling gets revealed, it has to get expressed. This is how relentless your soul is.
So you can breathe. 
If you're in it, and I think in some way we all are at different levels of our journey requiring us to expand more into our luminous light, don’t give up, the path will smooth out, as they say the way will be shown. 
It will. It always does. 
Your soul is here to lift you from the veil of illusion and what seems like a liberation has been all along a coming home to yourself.
You will be supported, loved and seen. 
You will recuperate from the old way then start taking the actions from the new way.
You’re doing great. I’m so proud of you.
Something new is being released from me for your conscious ascension ✨ More soon!
In the meantime, the enrollment is open for Flourish spirituality + health 🌱 to support you in taking better care of you and your energy as you transcend
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