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My morning routine

Jun 27, 2022


My morning routine to set me up for success, success on my terms.


❤️  4 am Wake up and give thanks for a new day. Appreciate the birds ;-) 

I wake up naturally when my body tells me I've had enough sleep and honoring my body when I need more. 


❤️ Wash my eyes, mouth and splash my face with cold water to refresh my senses. Have a cup of hot water.


❤️ 4-5am Sunrise Sadhana, my spiritual practice. Right now I am doing kundalini kriya set


❤️ 5-6am my daily disciplines to set me up to achieve my goals. I study, journal, review my goals for the day,


❤️  6-7am eat breakfast, abhyanga, shower 


❤️  7am get in the day, take inspired action


My morning routine changes slightly depending on my goals and season. But I stay consistent, committed and disciplined. 


I approach it as something that feels good and intimate to me, versus a checklist of to do. It might feel like it as first as you establish yours and then settle into it.


If it still feels like a checklist you either aren't putting your presence into it or you may need to tweak it or your goals. 


My morning routine fuels my day and gives me a grounded, calm focus so I am not reacting to outside events yet I could be available to be spontaneous if my soul desires an experience.


I do not cram my calendar. It is spacious. 


The point of your routine should set you up success. Define what success is for you, define your goals then create your routine.  


Make your morning spiritual practice, non-negotiable, it will help reveal your best self. 


Need help with yours? 

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