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What do you want your life to be about?

empowerment entrepreneurship natural laws self-development Jun 30, 2022

What do you want your life to be about? 


So many of us are living in support roles when we should be the star.


I'm first to admit this. I hid behind making others successful because I didn't take full responsibility for my life, my power.


But I also didn't know that I was doing that until I did then I started acting the part of lead role. Now that took years. I raised other people's children, supported and even generated ideas for past partners businesses to be successful. Then as they became successful, I felt left in the dust. I know many women feel like this playing the support role because that's what we were taught. 


Don't get me wrong, I love watching other people shine and raising other people's children to blossom.


But it was my time to be the star. 


It's yours too. 


So many healers and helping professions take this path.


They dim their light for others for fear of their own. 


Ouch. That hurt when I started unraveling this. Things I said to myself "Gosh, I'm taking ownership of my life, isn't this what we're supposed to do, support others?" 


Yes and no. 


Not to the detriment of our own well-being, happiness and fulfillment. Everyone can shine!


But when a light bulb shines, it doesn't take away the light from the other room. Which means, the rooms get brighter, more beautiful!  When you light a candle from an existing candle, does the other candle get burnt out? No!


So shine bright love!


It's the last day of the Creating Your Goals from Soul and support you in unraveling your life's main theme, mission so you have something to strive for and light you up. 


At the end of our session, you'll receive clarity, a direction, focus and a Plan to direct your attention to and achieve. You will feel more calm, focused and lit up. 


The days are going so fast so I want to support you in consciously creating from what's already inside ready to be expressed out and relieve the pressure and anxiety from not living the life you're meant to live.


I'm adding BONUS unlimited pocket coaching, making me accessible during the 3 Session Package only. 


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