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feminine medicine + open house

activation ayurveda empowerment feminine medicine feminine soul school healing leadership Jul 19, 2022
feminine soul school open house


You are already whole, says the feminine approach to healing. 


You are perfect as you are.


The real key to your personal healing is surrendering to the natural wisdom of the healing process of your body.


You stop depending on book learning to search symptoms and react to the latest fix.


You stop searching outside for answers.


You start listening, real deep listening. 


And act on the guidance. It's a feeling. 


You remember you are already whole and that every cell in your body is programmed to function in its right way given the chance. 


And when you give it a chance your cells respond with well-being.


This takes a lot of faith, love, trust in your self, tuning back in to the spiritual laws and nature's cycle of degeneration and regeneration.


The Feminine Soul School


In the first 3 months of the Feminine Soul School you will come to understand your body more intimately and the stages of the journey you've been on as a woman activating your feminine supernatural power. 


The curriculum is 9 months and is divided into quarters.


Healing, Activations, Empowerment and leadership, having confidence and courage to live the dream you sealed in the course. You'll do it from a place of being lit from inside you, having cleared old states of energy that wouldn't budge but now could budge and free you to reveal more of you. 


I look forward to sharing more about the beauty of this school and why it's been my entire life in the making and why I cannot not birth it. 


Only did I get the courage and clarity to move forward with it, because of the exact steps of clarity in understanding my feminine soul desires, the feminine bravery and virtues to keep being true to me and walk in faith. 


If you're struggling, you've not woken up to your almighty Empress in you. She's bold, fierce as she is soft.


Don't be timid in her awakening.


Old patterns will need to be disrupted. Parts of your old identities destroyed. It's a destructive process.. like the brightening of a diamond. 



The Open House Preview is Tuesday, July 26th.  

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