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Women's Health & Hormones

abhyanga ayurveda feminine medicine hormones wisdom years women's health Jul 12, 2022

Women's Health | Feminine Medicine and Ayurveda The hormones are not mentioned in Ayurvedic textbooks. I was curious about this when I didn't read anything or hear any talk of hormones when studying Ayurveda, which I thought was interesting. The approach is balancing our lives and our body and what's going on inside is always giving us clues to how we can bring our own lives in balance.  

The years leading up to your menopause years, will determine how you'll get through menopause. Hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, etc are optional.

You can breeze through menopause, the wisdom years. I was symptom free, and moved through it with ease.  I believe the practice of self oil massage, abhyanga supported me through the years. With deep appreciation for my body. - Maria


I created this Abhyanga portal to share my love and appreciation for what this Ayurvedic practice has done for me. The subscription is closed however you can purchase the course and have lifetime access to support your Abhyanga year of getting in the groove. Plenty of resources included.