Create a home that aligns with the perso you're ready to become


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and weighed down by the things in your home?

Feeling lost, without a clear vision for your next direction or reached a plateau in your life where you don't feel the excitement you once did?


Do you yearn for simplicity and peace of mind but struggle to find it?


Feel like you’ve been doing your daily practices like meditation, eating well and self development but you’re still not seeing the results deep down you really want?


How great would it feel if

>>> you stopped feeling like money is draining as fast as the water down the pipes, experienced synchronicities, opportunities came in with more ease less struggle to go chase...... you got clarity on the things that really light you up and feel inspired to take action..... money started flowing in..... and that nagging health problem just went away?

There might be that piece you didn't even think of that if you turned on the YES to putting some attention to the place you spend so much time in.. your home, it could pull in all the great work you've been working on in self-development, healers, counselors and therapists, etc.. 


“When I make a home, it will tell me what I am.”

-Bernard Maybeck


“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”

-Joseph Campbell

First, let's Look at the Cost of Clutter to Your Well-Being


I get it, you’d rather watch netflix another weekend than deal with the stuff you know that needs dealing with. So, you put it off. 


The invisible cost of clutter has a huge price tag to it.. taking a toll emotionally, financially, spiritually and it might literally be causing you to be sick. 


It’s not that you’re a hoarder, stuff just accumulated and you put it aside for way too long you’d like to admit. 


Believe me, I know. I was queen procrastinator. 


It’s not that I was a hoarder either, it’s those niggling things you just put off then the mountain grew bigger next thing you know you’re looking up and now it’s just overwhelming so you neglect the files, the “junk” drawer, the pantry, the gadget drawer, and the old clothes that aren’t you anymore. 


It becomes an energy drain and soon a bad habit hard to kick. 


Clutter is confusion.


To declutter is to open to prosperity; it is the new healing modality that doesn't cost a penny. 


Whether you've been in your home 3 years,  20 years, live in a studio, a temporary space, it's your space which your aura occupies. You're picking up energies all the time.  


And being awake and aware of them is the first step to know how much power you really have to manage your energy and redirect your life energy.


I’m ready to share what keeps me evolving, unstuck when I feel stuck and unsure, connected to my soul, an unshakeable inner peace and attracting blessings. 

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Create a Home for the Soul 


Activate your home for expansive success where you soul gets to lead nowThis is the year you set the stage for your aligned life. The forgotten wisdom of home is the archetype of the divine energy, of creativity, intuition, and of the power you might be blocking subconsciously through attachment of your stuff.


A LIVE month long course on letting go of things in your home that no longer fits who you are and are becoming, how to connect with the energy of your home and start opening to the flow of abundance in any area of your life you desire. 


In this course you receive my process on keeping the energy moving, my life moving, my soul evolving, spaciousness to connect to my source that gives me inner peace, health, happiness and abundance flowing.


The beautiful part of my 3-step process that I also use in my body and mind, I use for my home. I keep it all as simple and effective so it’s working in my life as proof in the pudding they say, as it will yours. 


It’s natural law in motion. 


This LIVE course includes guidance and coaching as you move to Detox/Declutter, Purify and Rejuvenate your home getting the support to get a sense of who you're becoming using your home to set the stage for the vibe you're ready to step into.


This system is your go-to resource so you keep your life in the flow. 


I still practice my 3-step every week if not daily on a mirco-level and it’s not overwhelming. It has done wonders for my peace of mind, health, and clarity I need as an entrepreneur and healer. 


And this is what I want for you too.


Peace of mind is your greatest wealth. 

Yes, I need this Maria!

During Create a Home for the SOUL, you’ll..


– get into action decluttering key areas in your home that will open energy now. 


– put yourself in the leadership role that home is the feminine source of creativity, beauty and soulful evolution


– my beautiful 2 question process to know if something stays or goes


- get your divine power back


- how to let go of what's no longer you anymore


- raise the vibe of your space to attract what you really want


- decrease the stress in your life and body


– learn what an alter is for really, why have one in your home and how to create your own


– get to know the plants that invite abundance in


– boost your home’s immunity


– attract wealth, relationships, opportunity through the subtle placement of objects in your space


– get the rhythm and flow back in your home so it supports who you're becoming


 PLUS more!


What Else is Included in Create a Home for the Soul 

  • 4 Modules: Preparation, Detox/Declutter Purify and Rejuvenate Your Home 
  • Creating Sacred Space for intuition, creativity and clarity to flow
  • Color and aromatherapy recommendation for your Energy type 
  • Ways to invoke the Divine Feminine in your space and life
  • How to create your personal prosperity and love altars  
  • How to Increase the vibe in your home
  • How to create your own purification plant-based blends and rituals to cleanse negative energy
  • Recipes for simple, natural cleaning
  • 10 essential oils for immunity, vitality, sensuality and invoking the sacred 



Receive these BONUSES


BONUS #1 90-day At home Spiritual Retreat at Home Guide from the brothers at Deerpark Monastery


Bonus #2 Mind/Body Detox Manual



“If my home is indeed a sanctuary I want to treat everything I bring into it as sacred.” 

-Robyn Griggs Lawrence

Yes, I need this Maria!



This course combines my work in Ayurveda, health, spirituality, energy, the flow of space and plant medicine. 


MAGICAL things might happen along the way of purging. Opportunities might come in, financial gain might happen, a game changing insight might come in, or you might receive clarity on a decision you’ve been struggling with. A health issue might resolve itself. 


You’ll learn to get organized, you’re stretching the decisive muscle and this supports all areas of your life… as ENERGY starts moving beautifully and elegantly. 


“Your home naturally has a message and intention.” 

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Yes, I need this Maria!


Hi, I’m Maria.

Home has always been important to me as an introvert, highly sensitive person, and Cancerian moon child. I could always make a sanctuary for my soul wherever I was — long train rides through the India, in my studio apartment in my 20’s, to a tent in the dessert and to many homes I've created for my soul to be free and at ease.

As a practitioner of Ayurveda and former owner of an Ayurvedic Spa, I remember those days I took such loving care before a client was coming and after, as if I was cleaning and preparing for royalty. 


As a yogini, I started applying the principles of yoga to my surroundings. Everything became sacred. A sacred experience, the simple acts of dusting, mopping, wiping off oils, etc.. how humbling and healing it was. 

The second limb of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, known as niyama describes five personal or spiritual observances that act as a guide for living soulfully.

He refers to purity and cleanliness. I took this another level that we can adopt these practices that purify not only our body, mind and heart but the space we live in. And in doing so elevate the quality of our life and connect more deeply with our true purpose.

So I created this program for you, the householder and light leader. You’re on a spiritual path while juggling much responsibility. Your Life is full. You've got dreams, driven by a mission and to be part of our collective awakening. I understand. This is exactly why the space you come home to should give you peace and be a space you come home to yourself, over and over again.  

Here is to your next level beautiful life as you set the stage to create a home for your evolving soul.







“I’m applying the principles learned in your program resulting in a new life. My house is going through a big transformation, removing items I don’t have use for, old memory items, a bit by bit beyond this class I am organizing every room. It is a journey after being in this house over 30 years. Thank you Maria for your wisdom and guidance. ”

– L Hernandez, Santa Barbara CA


“As I went through the program I realized the depth of energy we hold in the objects we cling to. Maria was the patient gentle push I needed to reach my shadow. She provided encouragement and strength to make my life better.”

– Jalima Morales, CA